View of Cañada

Virtual Tours: the next generation of real estate business

Vista Cañada is a residential development in the city of Guanajuato that seeks to position itself in the market and showcase the best of its spaces still under construction, highlighting the privileged views and natural environment that surrounds it. That is why we worked with them to generate an outstanding communication strategy for their spaces through a virtual tour with 360 photographs of the land of the development and a tour with Matterport technology to show the interiors of the sample house.

360° photo tour: all the details at a glance

We used the Matterport camera to take 360 photos of the land in the Vista Cañada subdivision. The user can access the tour through the website and through the 360 photographs is able to observe the environment at every angle without missing any detail. Through this tour the user can get a better idea of the dimensions of the land and the distribution of the development, as well as fall in love with the unique views that Vista Cañada offers, with the comfort of visiting it in its entirety without having to leave home.

Tour with Matterport technology: a free ride experience

We took a virtual tour of the Santa Rosa show house using Matterport camera technology. The sample house already built in the Vista Cañada development allows customers to see the architectural and interior design of the properties planned to be built. For those who do not have the possibility of visiting the physical space, they can do so through the Matterport virtual tour, accessing it directly from the website. The Matterport tour that we developed allows the user to walk virtually every corner of the house, as he would do in the physical space.