VR HTC Experience

Synonymous with innovation, the premise of standing out today. A combination of technology, experience and design. Not only do we love challenges, but we pursue them and seek to enable each of our customers to highlight what they do best. For TIKASA, the priority was to innovate and for us to achieve the highest level of virtual reality experience. We created a set of interactive experiences that were different from what we had seen before, with which the user could not only make a purchase decision but also experience a different way of visiting a showroom.

Beyond the virtual experience

We made for TIKASA an immersive virtual reality experience using HTC Vive so they could give their customers the option to customize a flex room. By means of the HTC controls provided to the users, it is possible to change instantly and to their liking the different proposals of atmosphere for that space. In this way the clients can visualize through virtual reality the different modalities that the spaces can have, as well as the variety of decoration and functionality.

Interaction through innovation

The TIKASA showroom experience is completed by combining the virtual tour of their properties with the feeling of interacting within them like a video game. We programmed elements to turn this tour into an interactive space "treasure hunt" where users can in the kitchen area, open the different drawers and move objects as if they were there, to try to find and win a special promotion that TIKASA has for its customers. The playground virtual tour design makes possible that a visit to TIKASA?s showroom becomes something exciting and memorable.

Virtual homes

Through virtual reality TIKASA customers can teleport around the virtual spaces by physically walking through the showroom, experiencing the feeling of walking inside the property. We designed this experience so that by means of the virtual reality controls they could interact with the objects and perform everyday actions such as opening doors, drawers and changing the position of the furniture.