Skadia Luxury Towers:

Full Virtual Experience

An architectural project must achieve a balance between design and innovation. Skadia Tower, a luxury real estate project, knew the need to have a pre-sale service that went beyond the traditional to awaken interest in its target market.

Evolution from traditional to virtual design

In order to have a transformation of the previous work, we collaborated with the architectural rendering firm Cohabiter, who made the first traditional renders of Skadia. From them, the decisions were taken regarding the raising, decoration and distribution of the spaces. With this first proposal, we integrated the needs of Skadia, thus moving to two types of content that would be used for our future virtual reality products: Renders 360 in 4K and 3D model of the Skadia tower in augmented reality.

Interactive 3D model
of the Skadia Tower

3D web app: 24/7 virtual showroom

We integrated the 3D model of the Skadia tower into a web application, in which the information on the real estate development was available to everyone and not just in the physical showroom. Imagine a virtual showroom 24/7 without the need for installation costs, vendors and with the advantage of reaching any audience anywhere in the world. We added to the 3D model of the Skadia tower interactive points in its main amenities so that when clicking on them, the user will be sent to visualize the space through 360 photographs of the renders.

Augmented reality app: virtual model

The advantage of our products is that based on the same content we can develop different experiences. Thus, working with the same 3D model of the Skadia tower, we designed an augmented reality mobile application. When scanning a code with the cell phone it is possible to visualize the model of the tower in augmented reality. The application is a mobile in house app, with which Skadia has the control to decide in which devices to distribute its application. In this way, salespeople within the showroom can show customers the augmented reality model.

Virtual reality app: immersive experience

In order to achieve a more immersive experience within the showroom, we developed a virtual reality product taking as content the 360 photographs of the 4K renders. For Skadia it was important to present their client with the most outstanding characteristics of their property without missing any detail, so we designed the most customizable virtual reality experience possible with which their sellers had total control. We achieved this through two applications: controller app and receiver app. With the controller app installed on a mobile device, the salesperson decides what to show the customer and can guide them through a 360-degree rendering tour as desired. While the receiving app, integrated with the virtual reality viewer, receives the signals from the vendor and shows the customer the rendering visualizations providing a guided experience.