Augmented Reality

We develop augmented reality solutions perfectly tailored. Whether it's for mockups, product design, games or business strategies.


AR for architecture models

Augmented Reality allows you to visualize architecture projects in a simple and innovative way. Our applications allow you to position a 3D digital mockup in a physical space and interact with it.

AR for games

Augmented reality games change everyday life in a fantastic new gaming experience where you'll get the player off the couch. We develop applications with 3D content that meets our reality.

AR on sideboards

Augmented reality connects a physical product with digital information and user-relevant elements. Packaging and advertising can be experimented in 3D interactively and provide more product information or a more complete shopping experience.

Decorating with AR

Our augmented reality solutions can be used as a tool for interactive interior design and can help increase customer imagination by positioning furniture and other décor elements in a defined environment.

AR at fairs

RA offers the maximum benefit of exhibition space through virtual product presentations while displaying them in real size. In addition, a presentation of complementary information with linear or non-linear user guide is possible through the RA application, which means cost savings by reducing transport costs for exhibitors of the fair.


AR app

Augmented reality applications provide users with additional information about objects in their real-world environment. They can be used in almost all industries and areas. They help increase productivity and sales, or be a good support for the entertainment and communication industry. Because the features of an AR application depend heavily on its intended use, they are generally tailor-made applications that we develop for each customer.


Individual, innovative solutions.

AR experiences create an emotional bond with users through high interactivity, which is why each experience is unique and serves a specific purpose. Complex products can be presented visually better with tangible technology and remain longer in consumer memory.

Experience reality differently

Augmented reality gives businesses and their customers the opportunity to experience things differently by seamlessly connecting digital data to the physical world. Companies become more effective as they spend less time and money on specific tasks, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.