We design personalized experiences for each of our clients, offering a unique and differentiating service. Meet some of the projects we have done and be inspired by our portfolio.

zeré fractionation | tikasa
Virtual Reality in Showroom

We developed a virtual reality experience to publicize the development. With the use of HTC Vive and virtual reality glasses, the client travels and interacts with the furnished spaces of the houses, thus visualizing their future home.

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cedar tip | leman
Virtual Web Tour
with 360° Renders

For developments under construction, we recreate in 3D the residences from plans and design the interiors according to the client's specifications. Through this virtual reality web application it is easier to share your vision with clients

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360° photographic survey
of fractionation

Through photography, the entire development was digitalized to generate a web experience in which the user can freely walk around all the spaces and amenities. We also included a part of the tour by means of 3D scanning made with Matterport's technology recently introduced in Mexico.

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Full Virtual Experience

An architectural project must achieve a balance between design and innovation. Skadia Tower, a luxury real estate project, knew the need to have a pre-sale service that went beyond the traditional to awaken interest in its target market.

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inbursate aquarium
Submerge yourself into an interactive world

How to capture the attention of the younger market? By generating a unique experience that captures all your senses using technology.

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milk investments
An over the top experience

One of the main motivations for real estate developers is to innovate the traditionally conservative industry, either within their internal processes or on the sales side. We worked with Milk Life Investments, to design a unique video mapping experience within the showroom.

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A realistic view from a virtual world

Vernat is a real estate development, with a different concept that aims to transform the colloquial dynamics of housing developments.

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Innovation for vertical cities

Constella is a real estate development in Monterrey, which seeks to transform the real estate market through an innovative concept of vertical cities, which integrates departmental properties and a shopping center, all within the same tower. Just as the project itself seeks to transform the concept of architecture, our job was to communicate the innovation of the project through an augmented reality experience.

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glen view
Virtual Tours: the next generation of real estate business

Vista Cañada is a residential development in the city of Guanajuato that seeks to position itself in the market and showcase the best of its spaces still under construction, highlighting the privileged views and natural environment that surrounds it.

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