MILK Investments:

An over the top experience

One of the main motivations for real estate developers is to innovate the traditionally conservative industry, either within their internal processes or on the sales side. We worked with Milk Life Investments, to design a unique video mapping experience within the showroom.

The challenge of the project was to integrate different services into one that could surprise the visitors of the showroom. At the same time, beyond being an attractive experience for the market, we tried to fulfill the main objective sought by the real estate companies: to generate a successful pre-sale.

An ambitious project at the height of its towers

We provided Milk with a personalized experience so that the project carried out by us could communicate exactly the personality and identity of its towers that are about to be built: Level and Adamant & Kid (3 projects in the same space).

The first stage of the project consisted of a script and a narrative for the audiovisual production, which was presented to the client in different rounds of proposals until the general idea was approved. Based on this idea, we designed in 4D cinema all the animations and 3D scenes that appear in the videos projected in the video mapping. Each image made takes into account the communicative intention of each tower.

Evolution of audiovisual production to innovation

We integrated the videos to the MadMapper platform to move from a traditional audiovisual product to a video mapping projection. This consists of projecting the different animations on an architectural model. In our case, we made a model of 1.60 m high by 2 m in diameter of the towers on a rotating base that synchronizes the angles with the reproduction of each experience according to the brand (KID, Level, Adamant). This rotation mechanism provided greater dynamism and interactivity to the experience. Thus, the model rotates every time the concept of the tower is changed, perfectly in connection with the corresponding image and sound. On this rotating model, the digital images are aligned, making the model acquire a visual sense along with the sound and voiceover work that narrates specific details of the residential and office complex, making this a unique and innovative pre-sale experience.