Virtual Tour

One of the main needs of architectural offices and real estate developers is to captivate the client with their designs, however to translate them is not a simple task, since the human being requires several visual elements to appreciate such designs. Our task with LEMAN was to create previews of your projects through the use of technology that would be as captivating as possible for your customers.

Virtual tours/previews

For LEMAN projects that were not yet under construction, we developed a full-scale 3D model. In order for LEMAN's clients to have full experience and the designs to be fully exploited, we made a virtual web tour using the spaces we recreated through 360° rendering. In this way LEMAN's customers and even vendors can take the property visualization on any social network device and platform.

virtual tour

Close to reality

The 3D modelling of the environments and texturing that we developed for LEMAN was able to realistically represent the composition and detail of each of its properties. The work done meets the expectations of LEMAN and its customers in terms of the level of similarity and realism with real spaces. Just as LEMAN's clients pre-visualize it, so will they find it when visiting the real property. Keeping the design of the place faithful to the proposal.


Environments 360o

When LEMAN customers virtually enter one of the rooms they designed, they can visualize the environment 360°. This possibility allows those who see the properties of LEMAN to feel as if they were really there since everything is on a scale of 1:1.