360° Virtual Tour

The implementation of technology goes beyond sales-related approaches but is also applicable to designing unique experiences as activations for marketing purposes. We worked with La Salle Bajio University to generate an interactive digital product that they could use as part of Congreso Contacto, a communications and marketing faculty event that takes place every year in the city.

360° Round to the traditional virtual tour

The project we worked on for La Salle Bajío consisted of an interactive tour of the campus. From the images provided by Google Maps of the university, we made a selection of them so that, through a post process in Photoshop, we could integrate them as a 2D map and use them in our journey.

The route we designed is composed of 130 360 photographs of the La Salle Bajío campus taken at floor level with the Matterport camera. We developed a mini system based on webGL to integrate these 360 photographs with the 2D map, and thus have a virtual tour in which the person could move through the spaces as if he were inside the campus and also observe the zenithal view of the university through the map.


Let's talk about interactivity

The next step in the process was to design and position the 360 renders of the house. We program the renders and integrate them into the web as a virtual tour so the user can see the property, even without building, and make an immersive tour with a 360 view of each space. The web tour was created so that the person just by clicking on the icons shown in the spaces could access them, or take a guided tour that automatically shows them the property without the need to perform any action. In addition, in order to have a more exact preview of the layout of the site, the architectural plan can also be accessed within the same route.