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Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality: The millennium question

Surely when talking about virtual reality the first thing you remember are the movies like "Matrix" or newer as "Ready Player One" where the characters would immerse themselves in a totally different virtual reality just by putting on a few glasses. And of course, how to forget the boom in the augmented reality game of "Pokémon Go" in which we all were dying to catch our favorite pokémons in our real environment, outside the office, the street, school or even in our own homes. We love both types of experiences, but do you know what the real difference is between virtual reality and augmentedreality? You don't need to be a master of technology to understand it, let alone know rough terms. Here I share the fundamental information that you should know in short and without complications that will make you a basic expert of new trends in technology.

Virtual reality in short...


Virtual reality (you may also know it as VR) is basically going into a 3D-designed virtual world where you can experience different sensations as if it were your real world. So you can enter this different world all you need are specialized 3D glasses. There are different types of glasses with which you can experience virtual reality according to its degree of technological advancement.


Some are quite simple like Google Cardboards that can be made of cardboard with a short-range display range (imagine you're only looking at a screen) up to more elaborate plastic ones with a range of higher display (as if you could see in 180 degrees, which normally your eyes don't get perceived). Some 3D glasses have the possibility to listen to surround sounds, which makes your experience in that environment feel even more true.  As if this wasn't the big deal, there's more advanced technology like HTC Vive with which in addition to the viewer you have at your disposal controls with which you can move in the environment and interact with objects.

Check out our video below to give you an image of what you might experience when trying virtual reality:


Let's talk about augmented reality...


On the other hand to experience augmented reality you don't need to transport yourself to another virtualworld, but elements of the virtual world are incorporated into yours. That's how simple it is, you can see in your real environment how virtual elements come to life. Here you don't need such complex artifacts because with the cell phone camera you can experience augmentedreality. By focusing on some specific code or point with your camera enabled you can play animations that aren't really there but you can see them on the screen. The best part is that being in your daily activities it is possible to turn the routine around and live a small part of what the virtual world keeps.

Here's a little video of what we do in augmented reality for our projects:

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