Full Virtual Experience

When a project is ambitious, the communication channel must be up to the task of transmitting precisely that which makes it different from others. Ennalt Campestre Vertical is a real estate development in San Luis Potosi with an avant-garde concept that seeks to conquer the real estate sector. Taking care of every aspect of our client we work on the design of three virtual services that allow you to communicate in detail your idea providing a unique experience to your market.

With the same content, we optimize costs and develop different applications for different purposes and forms of distribution.

Virtual reality app: from an immersive experience to reality

From start to finish we developed a virtual reality application so that people could experience every space in the Ennalt complex as if it had already been built. By means of 3D modeling, we represented the exterior amenities of the complex and four types of departments it has. The 3D objects allow the user to experience a sense of immersion in the environment when using the HTC VIVE virtual reality glasses. The two cameras in the lenses work under the stereoscopic technique and allow the images to be visualized with a three-dimensionality similar to those we see in reality. Thus, with the objects we designed and the amenities such as a paddle court, pool and children's area, we re-created a virtual environment that felt real, adding animations such as water and air movement among the trees.

All-in-one control" design

We designed the virtual reality application so that the sales consultant would be in full control of the experience, allowing him or her to show the potential client a personalized guided tour. In addition to navigating the exterior of the towers, the user can transport himself to the departments. Within each department we programmed the flex room option that allows a closer interaction with the person, since the sales consultant can change the decoration of the room according to the taste of his client and he can visualize it instantly.

A new version of the interactive kiosk

From the content developed for the virtual reality application, we created an interactive kiosk experience for the Ennalt showroom. For all types of Ennalt clients, we worked on the design of a kiosk in which the user can rotate the general model of the complex in order to have a better understanding of the space. In addition, we included interactive elements that display images of the houses through renderings, and functionalities such as checking the availability of the apartments according to the tower and floor. This virtual experience allows the person to intuitively explore the place.

Web tour app: to go at any time

To give Ennalt a complete experience, we collected the content generated for the two services above and concluded with a web tour application. We designed 360° renders of different strategic points of the departments and amenities to make a virtual tour that could be accessed from the web. In this way, anyone interested in learning more about the project can do so from anywhere and on any device.