Innovation for vertical cities

Constella is a real estate development in Monterrey, which seeks to transform the real estate market through an innovative concept of vertical cities, which integrates departmental properties and a shopping center, all within the same tower. Just as the project itself seeks to transform the concept of architecture, our job was to communicate the innovation of the project through an augmented reality experience.

Augmented reality app: a new way to communicate projects

We designed an augmented reality mobile application with an Android base for the Constella tower. The attendees of the tower showroom could download the app and through it observe the 3D model of the tower in augmented reality. In order to visualize it, a tracker was scanned and placed in the project's brochures that were delivered to the client. Also, inside the showroom there was a main tracker placed at floor level in the center of the place to scan it at a larger scale

With this application the client can obtain a better image of the building, since it is possible to visualize the exterior of the tower as a 3D model. In addition, the interiors and amenities of the building can be accessed through 3D renders provided by the company.