Product Configurator

A product configurator is a tool that can be used in online stores, product presentations or on sideboards. Its function is to easily customize the products available, according to your preferences and needs.


Online sale

We develop product configurators that can be integrated into online stores. The user can customize a product from the website by viewing the various possible combinations and choosing the one that best suits their tastes.

Experiences in retail stores

Product configurators can be used to create better retail experiences. Through interactive displays the user can experience the different product options and even configure products that are not physically in the store.

B2B and sales

Complex products can be represented with high level of detail in 2D and 3D; a configurator allows product features to be modified and customized according to the needs of the seller or customer.


3D modeling

Through specialized software we recreate objects that can be viewed in 3D. These digital models can be used as prototypes, digital catalog, or sales tool.

Web Configurators

We combine "tailor-made" products with a "tailor-made" solution, thus satisfying the user's desire for individualization. Our product configurators are optimized for each end device and ensure a unified brand presence on the Web. Performance and quality are the technical challenges we overcome with WebGL technology and real-time 3D rendering.


We integrate the functionalities of the product configurator within an application that can be used in interactive kiosks or touch screens. The versatility of the application allows to generate solutions tailored to the user.

Integration to VR and AR

From 3D modeling of products it is possible to integrate a virtual or augmented reality experience into the product configurator. This allows to elevate the end user experience and achieve greater engagement.


Personalized experience

The customer may experience control over the product by interacting with its features such as color, textures, lines, among others. This individual customization for the customer provides added value as a personal connection to the product arises.

Reduce inventory

With a product configurator the end customer can know the full offer of the company without having the physical product. In the same way in a virtual store it is easier to create and configure the ideal product for a customer than to search for it among dozens of combinations.