What about the real estate development boom?

At one time it seemed as if real estate developments rose from the ashes and in every corner we came across a spectacular promotion of some new apartment tower or residential subdivision on the shores of the city. Why is it all of a sudden all about housing concepts? It's no state secret that the [...]

Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality: The millennium question

Surely when talking about virtual reality the first thing you remember are the movies like "Matrix" or newer as "Ready Player One" where the characters would immerse themselves in a totally different virtual reality just by putting on a few glasses.

Top 5 trends in 2019 technology

Surely you experienced with us the digital transformation from monstrous Apple computers to light laptops and your first Motorola cell phone became a practical smartphone with a thousand functionalities that now *spoiler alert* aspires to be flexible. Although something has left us all this technological evolution, in addition to practically transforming our lives, [...]