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Full Virtual Experience

For real estate companies that have a wide range of properties and residential developments, such as GRUPO GUIAR, it becomes a necessity to have some tool that makes it easier for advisors to communicate the characteristics of their properties to clients. We make for them a set of different virtual experiences for their subdivisions and properties, with which their advisors can always carry at hand, both for an appointment with the client and for exhibitions or fairs, a complete visualization of their real estate offer.

Web tour with 360º photos and Matterport

We developed for each one of the subdivisions of Grupo Guiar: Jardines del Río, Residencial Arboledas and Fraccionamiento Las Arboledas of GRUPO GUIAR, a web tour with 360º photographs obtained through a 3D scan with Matterport technology.

In this way, it was possible to integrate the three routes to your website, allowing customers to obtain a more complete and realistic visualization of the subdivisions from any device, without the need to physically visit the place. The integration with Matterport of full space 3D scanning allows the webmaster to rotate through the subdivision at a 360º angle and get an overview of how the space and amenities are composed.  

For the model houses of each subdivision that GRUPO GUIAR wanted to highlight so that any client could access them no matter where they were, we made a 3D scan of the properties with the Matterport camera. Thus, with the same quality of a photograph but with the possibility of moving freely through the space, GRUPO GUIAR's clients can go through their future house from top to bottom from a computer or mobile device.

Augmented Reality App

GRUPO GUIAR is a real estate company that has presence in exhibitions and real estate fairs. For them it is essential to stand out from the others and that their advisors have the correct information and visualizations of the most important properties. We designed an augmented reality app so that just by scanning a code with your cell phone you can visualize the rise of the house over the code, having a 3D model of the property.

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In addition, from the app you can navigate through the house from different points of view, rotate it, observe each of the floors that make it up, as well as the distribution of the rooms, interact with spaces and moving objects, in addition to obtaining information about their characteristics.

Web models (virtual)

The most recent project we have with GRUPO GUIAR is the realization of web models of their real estate developments. What used to be a 2D plan can now be visualized as an interactive 3D model. It is possible to take in any device and to any place the digital visualization of the house. The user decides the view he wishes to have of the model, whether to walk the corridors at floor level as if it were there or above the spaces. The experience of the web model allows you to make a virtual tour on your own or with the play mode have a guided tour. With the web model GRUPO GUIAR not only has a virtual visualization of its models of houses, but also maintains the option of consulting the plans in 2D with information of distribution and measures of the spaces.