Inbursa Aquarium

Submerge yourself into an interactive world

How to capture the attention of the younger market? generating a unique experience that captures all your senses using technology. Within our philosophy think outside the box we collaborate with Inbursa Aquarium to offer an interesting proposal focused on the youngest market: children. A customer experience totally different from what we have seen before, using the term interactive experiences in its maximum expression.

Intelligent Technology

Our work began with the TEDx initiative in 2016, which consisted of generating a unique experience during the presentation of the project to renovate the Plaza de Gallos within the same facilities. We designed a mobile application that will show the user the before and after view of the enclosure. In addition, we integrated in the same app the function of virtual reality so that the spaces could be crossed from a much more realistic and immersive visualization.

Play while you learn with technology

The second application we made under the same multi-touch screen format included 4 different types of marine animals: dolphin, turtle, octopus and shark. The person selecting one of these animals enlarged the screen and visualized the animal with a 2D animation and its organs elsewhere, assimilating the classic "Operando" board game. The user interacted with the touch screen and moved the organs to the corresponding part of the animal, by doing so a screen was displayed with interesting information regarding the animal's organ.

Create your own animal: Interaction beyond experience

The third application was that people could create their own marine animal within the multi-touch screens. The interface consisted of different parts of the body of marine animals randomly distributed, all in 2D. The user could customize his own sea creature, adding color and details. At the end, the screen app was linked to a high quality printer that allowed the user to take home a part of their experience at Inbursa Aquarium.